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In 2020, Ivy Bromius - professional tarot reader and witch - was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Cancer Grimoire is a record of all the magic she did while undergoing cancer treatment.

The Grimoire includes:

  • Practical information for filling in the gaps in treatment that modern medicine frequently misses (therapy, ancestral work, herbal support, acupuncture)

  • Critical emotional and mental approaches that make treatment more effective (from someone who’s been through it)

  • Advice for leveraging your support network for prayer and intention with specific targets and asks

  • An approach to cancer treatment that is fundamentally enchanted and magical, whether or not you seek out modern medical treatment

  • The first ever Poison Spirit list for chemo spirits (and they are spirits), including prayers for the ones she dealt with as well as her process for identifying and harnessing the ones that you might encounter on your own journey

  • The Working of the Spirit of the Sun — creating a healing oil for radiation treatment

The Cancer Grimoire is available for free. Take it, share it, adapt it, WORK IT.

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