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Are you technically Gen X but feel like you relate more to Millennials? Why are Boomers and Millennials constantly at odds with one another? How do Millennials differ from Gen Z?

For decades, professional astrologers have known about the influence of Pluto as the “generational” planet. In this remarkable book, Rhys Navarro discusses the various generations using Plutonic themes and archetypes:  

  • Discover why the conventional labels of Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z don’t always fit. 

  • Learn how to determine your “true” generation based on Pluto alignments. 

  • Examine historical trends and patterns for each Pluto Generation and see what clues the past hold for our future.

  • Determine what opportunities and challenges await you and your Pluto Generation.

  • Discover how each generation is uniquely equipped to deal with the widespread changes that lie ahead.

Presented in a clear, concise way that is easily accessible for both beginners and non-astrologers, Pluto Generations offers deeper insight and understanding into the cosmic forces at play behind the scenes in our world and our lives.


Narrated by Nick Gallagher

Pluto Generations Preview
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